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Dr. Darlene Flores

Dr. Darlene Flores was born to Borikua parents and was raised in the Metro area of Massachusetts. Her great grandmother, Irene, was a traditional curandera, midwife, and santiagüera. She continues the legacy of her family as a holistic huesero (bone setter) and holistic energy worker to treat patients of all ages and walks of life.

Dr. Flores is a traditional Medicine Keeper for her Taino Higuayagua Caribbean Tribe. She is also a highly decorated United States Veteran, who first became introduced to Chiropractic while serving in the Army. It was during her last deployment that she realized she wanted to continue to serve her country, but as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

She obtained her Doctorate degree from Life Chiropractic College West in California. She is certified in a number of chiropractic techniques including: Network Spinal, Activator Method, Thompson, Drop Table, and Diversified.

Dr. Flores owns and operates Karaya Wellness Clinic, located in Brookline, MA. She relocated to Brookline in late 2019, after her practice in Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria.

She is a mother of three children, Munah, Zamir, and Aminah. Known for her activism and advocacy for more holistic medicine to be taught and practiced in the BIPOC community, Dr. Flores prides herself in preserving the ancestral ways to raise her children and serve Native/ Indigenous communities.

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